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Do I have to invite children to my wedding?

I have been asked this many times by brides... lets talk through it!

Wild and Free! The cutest flower girls ever! (Okay, so one is my sweety and the other is my precious niece!) Taking a much needed break from the photo session.

Lets figure this out

"Do I HAVE to invite children to my wedding?" I will always remember a sweet young bride whose pretty little face turned to absolute disgust as she asked me this. She was rambling on about booger-nosed toddlers, crying babies during her sacred vows and flower girls jumping onto the dance floor- ruining her first dance with her new husband. She was appalled by the thought of having little's at her wedding. (By the way mamas and daddy's, let me cover this topic while I am at it. It is NEVER okay to let a baby to cry or make gaga noises during the ceremony! Eeek! Please, take a seat in the back row and when your precious makes the first little "peep", take them to the nursery or on a walk- pronto! Common sense and etiquette, Mamas!)

For the more relaxed bride, or the bride that already has a child or two, children are a must-have at your celebration! Does this describe you? You love when a flower girl makes a statement on the wedding aisle, stopping every few steps to "adjust" her diaper. Laughter arises, guests relax and possibly, you do too! You don't mind a little "hiccup" in your vows... as you see a mama desperately running out of the service, with a fussy baby on her hip. Perhaps it doesn't even bother you one bit having little Emmie Lee jump onto the dance floor during your very romantic first dance. After-all, you may prefer a good giggle with your honey-bunny and you may actually enjoy that one moment where everyone's eyes are on Emmie, so you and yours can share a moment.

So, which bride are you? Neither one is wrong, neither one is right. To each his/her own. Before you make your guest list, pour two glasses of wine and have a little chittle chattle with your significant other. Talk through the above scenarios. Make the decision together and once you've made that decision, stick with it. Voila. It's as simple as that.

You know the frazzled, sweet mama of the four precious blue-eyed babes, all under age 5?! Yes, Cousin Christy! She may be offended for a minute, but she loves you dearly, and when it comes down to it...Cousin Christy needs a glass of wine, a date night out, a slow dance with the one she loves, and she definitely deserves a break! Trust me, she will thank you later!

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